Stop, and listen to the darkness..


Dead Twisted

I love taking photos of nature most people miss. I watch most of the time people in nature obsessed with their phones instead of nourishing themselves. I feel sad for the planet that most people have lost their way and miss the small and simple things that make life rich.

Like this below. Twists and curves of what is no longer living.

The In Between

When life tips your world upside down and you can’t see how such devastation can ever be a positive. When you’re in the thick of it at times it’s impossible to see, but then slowly as you rebuild your life you begin to see bits of magic that you never seen but have felt before in your visions or dreams and then you see how the death of who you once were as much as it was painful, what a gift it is.
Life is magic even in painful experiences but you have to go deep enough to see. You have to learn to love yourself and life in those times to know how special it is. This photo was captured in the middle of one of those times.
The in between.


Every day I begin with offerings to the unseen. The spirits around me and my ancestors. I sit outside and I listen with bare feet on the ground. I feel while I drink my tea.
I feel what the earth is feeling, I feel how I’m feeling and I begin my day from there.
At times I feel overwhelmed and really angry with how the world is today. Everything hurts now. I find I can’t experience real joy with anything because in the back of my mind I know how much damage we have done to the earth and ourselves.
I feel for our animals and how much suffering they endure every day.
Most people may not understand this and you don’t need to but the ritual of just listening to the earth and yourself and what you can do to better it each day is something I would like to encourage.
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